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Mini Telecomanda+Mouse Wireless WLT-80

Mini Telecomanda+Mouse Wireless WLT-80

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38,00 RON (65,00 RON)

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    Portable. Elegant. Excellent choice.

    You can use it many ways, search on the internet or browse -
    without leaving your sofa or seating.



    Wireless connection, smart & portable size
    To enjoy PC Multimedia Entertainment at home
    Convenient & Efficient for Conference, Presentation & lecturing
    To share large TV and projector screen
    Large PAD handwrite




    Business Lecture system
    Video conference system
    PC With Windows OS (XP, Vista, 7, 8) Mac OS, Linux
    Sony Playstation PS3, XBOX 360
    Smart TV
    Android TV


    Beautiful compact touch pad technology design


    This small touch panel area at the top surface
    increasing the sense of touch. You can easily
    move the mouse pointer, click, drag and
    double click to open the folder function.


    The perfect family network, multimedia and entertainment solutions


    For people who want to watch internet TV
    play ontheir standard TV, via broadband and
    Android TV Box. If you use the wireless mini
    keyboard touchpad remote, use it with your
    Google TV or browse the internet.

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